Week 3 – the molds really are up….

We’ve had a good week with all the molds fixed in position, the inner stem laminated, the deadwood made and much of the hog done. I’ll explain all these terms below!

It takes a lot of fiddling to get the molds in the right position – they have to line up with the centre line, be plumb and sit correctly with the harpin and seat riser. The picture below shows all this in place.


The seat risers fit well which is a bit of a relief! We’ve planed these to create a bevel so they align with the shape of the hull. You’ll also see in the picture the former used to laminate the inner stem. The holes allow clamps to be used to bend the laminates into shape once they’re glued.

The picture below shows the laminates clamped in place. The inner stem is made of khaya (African mahogany) which is not great to work – in particular it creates vicious splinters!


Gluing this up with epoxy and clamping it was a team effort with about 8 of us involved. The outer stem will be clamped over the inner stem next week.

The deadwood is a strengthening piece that sits under the horn timber (in case you’re wondering what the horn timber is this is similar to the stem but at the stern of the boat). I’ll include pictures of these items in next week’s blog.

Below you’ll see the inner stem and partly finished hog set out on the lofting. The hog sits on top of the keel and is part of the “backbone” of the boat.


The hog is made up of some fairly chunky pieces of sapele wood which are joined by scarf joints. These joints were made by Steve, one of our tutors, using a router and specially made jig (to achieve the 1:6 angle).

The inner stem is slightly too narrow where it joins the hog, so tomorrow I’ll be creating some “cheeks” to widen this along about 30mm of it’s length. 6 day weeks are now a regular occurrence!

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