Week 5 -only 11 weeks build time to go!

Yes, we only have 16 weeks available for building the boat because of time taken by lessons and exams. We’ve been working on it for 5 weeks already. So we’re almost a third of the way through the build time – s**t!

This week we started to glue up the joints on the cedar planks and machine them, which didn’t go well. A combination of some imprecise joints, using polyurethane glue (epoxy would have been better) and clamping too many in one go caused issues. Most of the joints failed when the planks were put through the table saw, to cut them into the 16mm thickness required. So Wilbur has done a great job of re-cutting the joints for each strip. Next we will glue and staple the strips individually before putting them through a router to create the tongue & groove.

We’re actually now thinking of leaving the hull as a bright finish. That means no paint, leaving the strips visible through the see-through glass layer. This can look stunning if the planking is done well – I hope we can do this!

We glued the hog this week so this is now in one piece, and I started to bevel its edges today so that it will accept the planking at the correct angle.

We also glued the top of the keel using the hog to create the right shape. The picture below shows this all clamped and comprises two 15mm thick pieces of sapele wood.


This part of the keel, and the outer stem, will be put to one side until the planking is done. These will then be completed/ shaped to fit over the planking.


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