Week 9 – All the planks are on!

Just a quick update because this was a class week on restoration, so we have only worked on the boat sporadically. However, we managed to complete all the planking! Here are some photos.


The tutors have been very complimentary about the shape and say this is down to accurate lofting – phew! And we are now just about back on schedule.

On Friday we did a fair amount of the scuffing off which involves passing a no 4 plane across the hull in a diagonal motion while keeping the plane parallel to the planks – it’s a sort of ’80s disco dance move! The idea is to take away all the lumps and bumps and is the first stage of fairing the hull. We won’t tidy up all the edges on the stem, stern & hog until the scuffing off is completed.

Next week will involve more scuffing off and then lots of sanding, followed by high build primer and laying the glass fibre. Ideally we should glass on Friday. The outer stem and keel will only be fitted when the glass is on. Then we will be ready for anti-foul (we’ll use Coppershield) and the paint finish which will be International two-pack royal blue.


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