Week 12 – Keel & outer stem completed

We’ve only had about two days to work on the boat this week because we’ve been having lessons on rope splicing. Here’s a selection of splices (and Harry, the dog!)


The rest of the week we’ve been focused on getting the outer stem and keel onto the hull and I’m pleased to say we got this done! Here you can see part of the aft section of the keel glued and clamped.


And here it is with all the keel and outer stem in place. The aft section had only been glued that morning so is held down with weights as it dries.


The gap is for the lead ballast which is being made by a company in Cornwall and should arrive in early May. This will have the centre board slot in it which you’ll see I have already cut out in the top of the keel (using a router). Let’s hope it fits!

Here’s a view from the stern.


And here’s another view. It’s difficult to see but the stem has been shaped to create a cutwater – this involves narrowing the stem at the front so it’s a V shape and allows the boat to cut through the water more easily.


Here you can see that the outer deadwood has also been epoxied in place with a channel cut in it, ready to take the rudder stock. The end of the keel still needs cutting to shape.



For the next two weeks we have revision lessons every afternoon in preparation for the City & Guilds exams in late April – oh good!! – but I hope that over this period we will finish fairing the hull, priming and painting it.

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