Week 15 – Top coat done!

This week we applied the top coat and the colour (International royal blue) is fabulous. The white strip is the boot top (an added section of anti foul) which is only done in primer so far – we will finish this, and probably add a final top coat, when she is turned over.


And from the stern.


We struggled to remove some of the stippling effect created by the primer. But the finish now looks very good with three coats applied, and if we have time to apply the fourth layer will look even better. In particular the hull looks very fair.

I have also put together the centre board case which will be finished off in the boat. Here it is sitting on the floor upside down. The pieces sticking out will sit in a groove in the hog/ keel which is in effect an extension of the centre board slot. And yes I’ve checked that the centreboard fits inside it and it does!


We’ve also made great progress on the spars – there are seven to make for Terror. The bowsprit and two topsail spars are essentially completed, and Adam is now working on the gaff. This is complicated by the throat (the end which goes around the mast) because this needs a mechanism that moves up & down as the gaff is raised and lowered. More details on this in a later post.

The wood for the mast has been cut and partly hollowed by router – this is to reduce weight. Here you can see the two sections waiting to be glued.


And here it is all glued and clamped. Sad as I am I counted the number of clamps required – 63! This mast is 7.3 metres long.


Most of the bespoke fittings have now arrived and here’s a picture of a selection – rudder stock, traveller (for the mainsheet), gooseneck with band for the mast and pinrails (there are two of these, and they sit on the deck, one each side of the mast). All in bronze – beautiful!


On Monday we complete the building of the cradle in the morning and turn the boat over in the afternoon. Then it’s full steam ahead to complete the fit out.

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