Week 16 – She’s the right way up!

So first thing Monday she looked like this:


This is the cradle being completed in preparation for turning her over.


And turned over.


Here’s the view inside with all the molds, harpin and seat risers still in place.


This is what she looked like when we moved her back into her space, having dismantled the base on which the hull was built, and we’d tidied up the sheer.


And with everything removed.


Lots of work has been done by Adam on the spars. Here’s the mast under construction with it planed by hand to 8 sides. This will then be taken down to 16 sides then 32 and rounded from there. It’s 90 mm across at the base and 7.3m long.


And here’s the throat mechanism on the end of the gaff, again made by Adam. These jaws go around the mast and allow the gaff to tilt as its lowered or raised. The jaws themselves are made from oak and they are re-enforced with stainless steel rods. See the leather covering on the inside of the jaws and the tilting block itself. This type of mechanism minimises the damage to the mast.


The centreboard is taking a fair amount of work to finish. You can see the square slot which we have created to take about 15 kg of lead (which you can see in the background). The lead should ensure that the centreboard actually sinks when in the water! This will be epoxied in and covered with a wood panel. It will all be glassed once the shaping is completed and the plate used to haul it up is fitted.


The last thing we did on Friday was to fill the inside. The strange shape in the bottom  of the stern is a temporary piece of hardboard which I made to hold in place some epoxy expanding foam. We’ve used this to fill a cavity created in the design between the deadwood and the sides of the hull. If we’d left this it would become a water & rot trap.


On Monday we will glass the inside with two layers of 300g bi axial cloth and lots of epoxy. Then we’re into the proper fit out, starting with installing the centreboard case!


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