Week 18 – Only 5 weeks to go!

This week started with oiling the spars. Here’s Sarah applying danish oil to the mast. You keep applying the coats wet on wet until the wood won’t take any more. This took about 3 hours for the mast!


Here we are fitting the floors. I spent most of the bank holiday weekend making templates for each of the 11 floors which gave us a good head start this week. You can see one of them next to Carson in the boat. The floors are made from sapele.


This picture shows Adam making the tiller out of ash laminates.


We’ve also continued work on the centreboard, here applying a layer of 300g bi-axial glass cloth. Next this will be sanded, filled and the pivot hole drilled. Both this and the rudder will be painted with primer and anti-foul before fitting. You can see the panel under which 16kg of lead has been epoxied, to ensure it actually sinks when in the water. Wilbur calculated the amount of lead required so it must be right!


Here you can see us putting the seat risers back in. The cross pieces are temporary, and were screwed in place before we took out the risers with the moulds, so allowing us to re-locate them in the right place.


Here we have the floors, centreboard case, seat risers & one of the harpins in place. The sides and top of the centreboard case are still being completed. It needs two sheaves (the internal part of a pulley) fixed on the inside, on which the wire from the top of the centreboard (used to haul it up) will run to a pulley system. We’ve already drilled the holes in the side of the centreboard ready to accept the bronze rods which will hold the sheaves in place.


Last thing Friday we painted the white boot top – we will put on two more coats over the weekend. For each coat we mask off the surrounding tape and remove it, to avoid a build up of paint along the masked off line. I’d forgotten how shapely this boat is, having had her draped in plastic for some time to protect the paint.


Next week we start the deck structure and with 4 weeks to go until launch we need to work flat out to finish her.

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