22 June 2017

As it’s just over a year since we launched Terror I thought it would be good to update the site especially with some pictures showing some of the elements that I worked on during the winter.

The pictures on the water were taken by Nigel Sharp, a journalist who has been commissioned to write an article on the boat for Classic Boat magazine. Assuming it goes ahead I’ll update the site when I have a publication date.

To start with I added cam cleats, fixed to mahogany blocks, to hold the jib sheets.


I added a bronze collar to the end of the boom to provide better fix points for the mainsheet and the mainsail clew. I also put together a clew outhaul system. You’ll need to blow up the picture below to see this detail.


I hadn’t fully fitted the bowsprit before so this is now done, although I’m yet to build the spinnaker chute.


The most interesting thing to do has been the topsail. Paul Gartside provided some detail on how to rig this, but I had to resort to Google to work out the detail. It requires three lines – a halyard, sheet and downhaul, so adds a lot of extra rope to the whole set up!

Here it is in action. We didn’t have any real wind that day, so the sails aren’t as taught as they would be normally.